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Johnny Waffle Logo

Several years ago while visiting my God Daughter and her family in Belgium, I came across this unique street vendor snack.  It was so tasty and almost addictive that I had to figure it out to make at home.  Thus this became a bit of an obsession.  After some experimenting, I wanted to make something like that but with my own twist.  The end result was the Johnny Waffle.  For the past few years, I have been making them to take to the office, take to client meetings, and giving them to friends.  Everyone always loved them and told me… ‘You could sell these…”   When I would walk in, friends started saying, “Hey, Johnny Waffle is here!”  I thought it was funny at first but thought, that is kinda catchy and could work. 

When I opened the RinkSide Café’ in the Printscape Arena, I thought, what a better place to try the Johnny Waffle.  So far, the response has been very good.  We now make Johnny Waffles fresh everyday.  I personally enjoy making them and watching for that smile when customers take their first bite… 

The Johnny Waffle is an extension of best-in-class customer experience at Printscape Arena. A new venture created by John Dziak, BJ Pustovrh and Kerri Banasick specifically to meet the needs of the Printscape Arena and Southpointe customers. The Rinkside Café mission is to provide a special food and beverage experience never seen before at a sports facility, featuring premium coffee and espresso drinks, smoothies and other healthy blended beverages, fresh bakery and more...

Johnny Waffle in waffle iron.
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